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Caterpillar Hydraulic Pump & Motor Repair


Hydraulic Pump and Motor Repairs

Our trained technicians have years of combined experience in repairing Caterpillar hydraulic pumps and motors.

Our expertise, commitment, and state-of-the-art equipment provide our customers with the utmost in service, pricing, and ultimately hydraulic repair with outstanding results.

We are proud to be a leader in Caterpillar hydraulic repairs for industry, construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, drilling, and road construction.

Caterpillar hydraulics are renowned for their high performance and for helping businesses across Canada to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Naturally over time however key hydraulic parts like motors and pumps can show signs of wear.

Our 12,000 square foot repair facility houses the inventory and equipment necessary to ensure quality hydraulic Caterpillar repairs while minimizing downtime and keeping your repair costs in check.

Our Repair Capabilities

With over 12,000 square feet of working space, Canadian Industrial Hydraulics Ltd. continuously updates its facility.


Our hydraulic repair capabilities include:

6 Assembly work stations

2 Disassembly work stations

150 hp test bench

250 hp test bench

Lapping Room with 24” and 36” tables

125-ton press

6 Jib Cranes

Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Repairs for Caterpillar Hydraulic Motors and Pumps

Our team of technicians follows a meticulous process when it comes to repairing Caterpillar hydraulics.


Our entire team’s goal is to provide you with the very best, most accurate hydraulic repairs as quickly as we can while minimizing your downtime.

The process begins with diagnostics. Our technicians will fully analyze your motor and identify the origin of the breakdown. Every motor we receive is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected. It is then checked for a precise fit and tolerances. Any parts that are worn down, broken or missing are compiled into a list for replacement.

We will let you know what needs to be done to repair your parts and inform you of any recommendations our technicians have that would improve the motor’s performance.

Caterpillar Machines We Service

Canadian Industrial Hydraulics Ltd. strives to deliver outstanding hydraulic pump and motor repairs on Caterpillar machines including:






Skid Steers



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