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The Benefits of Choosing Canadian Industrial Hydraulics for Your Hydraulic Service Needs

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Something as simple as air and water contamination is the leading cause of 90% of hydraulic system failures. In industrial hydraulics, operations rely on how well the components of the system work.

If your pump is overburdened, it could cause damage to the entire system. It could also cause a complete downtime of your operations.

If the motor fails, this could mean a full breach of your system is occurring. It could also be a sign that dangerous temperatures are affecting it.

System failure, regardless of the cause, can jeopardize the safety of your employees. This is also why routine checks, maintenance, and having a dependable repair service provider on hand are essential.

Keep reading to get a good grasp on the benefits of choosing the right repair service provider for your industrial hydraulics and why quality service matters.

The Most Common Problems With Industrial Hydraulics

Issues concerning hydraulic components in any industry can occur for multiple reasons. Without expert guidance, hydraulic systems troubleshooting can be difficult.

One of the most common issues that can happen could be unsafe temperatures. It could also mean that the quality of the fluids running through the system is poor. Some issues could even derive simply from human error.

Regardless of the source of the problem, when the pump or motor is damaged, this would call for hydraulic repairs. Consider the fact that, on average, the cost of downtimes, whether through total machine failure or even a ransomware attack on a plant's systems, could cost a business around $1.92 million.

Overall, any type of downtime isn't good for business. Hydraulic problems alone represent the potential for loss of revenue and man hours.

The Benefits of Quality Repair Services

Putting it simply, you can't afford to stop your operations in the case of component failure, not even for an hour. When you need to fix a hydraulic system quickly and you're working with an expert team, you get quality repairs from skilled technicians. With that, other undeniable benefits could help to optimize your operations even further as well.

Services Beyond Repair

When you work with skilled technicians, you won't only get repair services. You will also have the option for hydraulic testing. This service offers remanufactured units for the simulation and testing of each component.

You will also notice that there will be a simulation of the exact operating conditions of the unit you had. This helps ensure the optimal performance of the machine and that they match the manufacturers' specifications.

A Substantial Exchange Line

Sometimes, your operations might benefit from an exchange. With the right team, you will have a wide range of exchange units.

This helps when you need a variety of different manufacturers and models to choose from. Additionally, this means that if a more economical exchange unit is available for your unit, it will always be presented to you.

More Efficiency to Solve the Need for Endless Reactivity

When you spend most of the time reacting to hydraulic problems, this is time and money wasted. Working with Canadian Industrial Hydraulics ensures that you get quality service.

You will also notice prime technology incorporation and quick solutions. This means a much higher efficiency rating to support the work that you offer your clients.

Professional Pump and Motor Repair When Your Business Needs It

Industrial hydraulics requires streamlined resources for repair. When working with the right repair team, you reduce downtimes. You also get higher quality services, and you avoid unnecessary replacements.

Start working with Canadian Industrial Hydraulics to optimize your operations as soon as today.


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